Monday, 20 February 2017

Michaël Dupret wins promotional event in Templeuve

The 10 players

Eric Caillaux and Michaël Dupret
The Templeuve United club in Belgium had a good evening on Friday as 10 players attended the promotional tournament held in the Templeuve premises. Among the competitors, there were 4 juniors and 2 newcomers. Michaël Dupret (Magic Team Tournai) did well, winning his first tournament for a long time. Dupret won his four games in the Swiss system while three French playrs ended in the top 4. Eric Caillaux was runner-up, catching his best WASPA result ever while Olivier Bodelle managed to take the third spot and newcomer Franck Santer finished on position 4. Geoffrey Marain and Vincent Coppenolle were present to coach the newcomers, teach some rules and organize games so it was a positive evening for the promotion of regional Subbuteo.

Andrea Gasparini wins the NYC Ice Breaker tournament

The NYC Ice Breaker tournament took place in North Bergen, NJ on Sunday and was a nice gathering between Andrew Zunino, Andrea Gasparini and Massimo Conturso. Andrea managed to win the tournament with 3 wins and draw while Massimo was runner-up. There were several close games but more importantly there was great fun!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sydney ATFA WASPA 17 tournament

McNulty reigns supreme in Sydney

After the drama of the knockout stages in the AGP17 the 3rd and 4th players in the group of four advanced into a Knockout Tournament that ran alongside the Knockout stages of the AGP17. In a thrilling competition full of incidents and some truly special goals Mcnulty clinched another title to head 4,000 miles back to Perth with another title in the bag. In the first of 2 Elimination play offs to make the Quarter Final Chris Thorn turned on a spectacular display too dispose of local boy Andrew Kuany in emphatic style with a 3-0 win. In the 2nd Elimination Play Off Yago Dzezlalija also put on a superb display in a 3-0 win against the 17yr old Local wonder boy Othniel in a gripping match that really showcased the beauty of Subbuteo in its finest essence. In the first of the Quarter Finals Ross Mcnulty came up against Jeremy Simpson and hos dangerous Leicester City Tokas, after an even start Mcnulty began to dominate play and toom the lead just before half time, Simpson tried his all and cannoned a shot against the post but Mcnulty broke quickly and rasped a fine strike past the helpless keeper to go 2 up with 5mins left, Simpson did his all but could not break down the organised defence of Mcnuty's Manchester City Tcha Arrows team and another goal was added to complete his advance into the Semi Finals.

Chris Thorn took on Kostas Barbaris In the 2nd game of the Quarter finals and yet again remained water tight at the back and the veteran 74yr old dominated and took the lead just before Half time with a wonderfully constructed goal of sheer patience that paid off. In the second half Kostas put Thorn under pressure but could not break down the defence and half way through the half Thorn added another beauty to join his club mate Mcnulty in the Semi Finals. In the 3rd game of the Quarter Finals local Australian Greek lad Terry Koutzas faced Melbourne girl and current Ladies No 1 Beth Eveleigh, again another very tight match was played out with Beth remaining extremely organised at the back and they headed into Half Time at 0-0, Koutzas finally broke away after a sustained period of pressure mideay through the second half and although Beth rallied she could not equalize and Koutzas advanced into the Semi Finals. In the 4th and final Quarter Final Richard Wilson was pitted against Yago Dzelalija and another classic encounter was evident with the first half ending 0-0 with each player going close on numerous occasions, in the 2nd half Wilson and his dangerous Tokas smashed in an unstoppable shot that nearly took the net out and Yago crashed out after such a valiant effort in another cracker.
The first Semi Final pitted Chris Thorn against the local Terry Koutzas and after both defences were so organised the game headed into extra time, again they could not be separated and the game headed into Penalties, it ended after the 5 penalties tied at 3 each they went into sudden death, Thorn missed his Penalty and Koutzas made no mistake to propel himself into the Final and deny Thorn of a possible show down with other Perth local Mcnultt. In the 2nd Semi Final Mcnulty faced Richard Wilson and his ever dangerous Tokas and after a fine quick counter attack a shot was placed into the top corner from the right too put him 1 up at half time, Wilson really went for it in the 2nd half and duly snatched a deserved equalizer with minutes left on the clock after a great strike, Into extra time and again it remained deadlocked at 1-1 and the 2nd Semi Final was to be decided on penalties, at 2-2 after 4 penalties each Mcnulty tucked away his 5th and Wilson missed to go out after such a terrific display in the tournament. The Final was a game littered with quick break aways and tight defensive discipline between Mcnulty & Koutzas but ultimately Mcnulty began to break down The Sydney TSC local and went in 1 up at the break, in the 2nd half Koutzas attempted to get back on level terms but a second and final killer goal landed Mcnulty his first title away from Perth

Friday, 17 February 2017

A first trophy for Chris Panagiotides

Last Sunday the Flaming Flickers held another tournament using original subbuteo lightweight teams and old rules. 12 players were taking part and from the semi-finals, all the games were close, as shots were needed to decide the winner. Chris Panagiotides managed to claim his first WASPA title after defeating Panos Patistas. Alekos Apatzis won the final for the third place against Nikos Papadogonnas. Congratulations to our Greek friends for the nice promotion of the game with the old rules.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Winning come-back for Kenneth Beggs

The group picture with 10 players

Kenny Beggs and Mark McCrossan
There was another great night of Subbuteo last Monday in Derry, Northern Ireland. It was already the 4th WASPA tournament of the club at the usual venue, Derry City Sports and Social Club. Kenny Beggs joined the local crew and showed how it's really done! "A very impressive display which added to a brilliant nights enjoyment. The semi final between myself and Mark Mc Crossan was a 1-1 draw and 2-0 to Mark in the shootout. Kenny proved unstoppable, only conceding one goal in 7 matches, scored by Mark in the final. Of which he is very proud", explained Martinog Bradley. DCTFC also had a newcomer who hasn’t played subbuteo since Mexico ’86! Edmund Quigley.

Some useful links:
More about Subbuteo in Northern Ireland
Derry City Facebook page
Mickey Rooney's superb pictures of the evening

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Marcos Kalopsidiotis on top in Cyprus

The final of the day between Kalopsidiotis and Panaretos
The second stage of the national circuit took place in Limassol last Sunday with a small field of seven players. Marcos Kalopsidiotis managed to defeat Georgios Zangylos in the semi-final (3-2) to qualify for the final and later defeated Panagiotis Panaretos to claim to title. Marios Avgousti was the other semi-finalist of the day. Marcos Kalopsidiotis is on top of the circuit with 16 points while Zangylos has 14 and Panaretos has 8. Well done to our friends from Cyprus for their efforts of promotion.

Blouberg Summer Tournament 2017

A wonderful afternoon’s play was hosted by Rob Matthews at Life Changers Church in Blouberg.
The games were short (12 mins), and played only on Subbuteo pitches. The event was won by newcomer Heimo Schulzer, who edged out David Wegerle on penalties. This was a reversal of their earlier group-stage play-off, in which David had beaten Heimo on penalties to top their group.

It was great to welcome other newcomers Andrew, Bart and Donald. The junior event saw a good turnout of 9 players, and was held on smaller pitches, in a 7-a-side format. It was eventually won by Rafael, after a tense penalty shoot-out with Andy. Best of all was seeing the enthusiasm and intensity of play amongst the juniors.

(Report by Clinton Gahwiler)

Monday, 13 February 2017

Jurong Central February gathering

Friday Flicks; Flick Central - Jurong League (2nd session - 10/02/17). 
A healthy turnout with games dragging beyond scheduled time however all players stayed behind till the end to cheer the final games & clear up the venue.
In the end, Rudy won 2-1 against Anas in the Cup event. Bolkiah pulled an upset beating Haikal 1-0 in the Plate final while Rizal Tayib won the consolation final against Ding Heng.

Final Standing
1st Rudy
2nd Anas
3rd Nic
4th Fauzi
5th Bolkiah
6th Noor Haikal
7th Ezan
8th Yew Seng
9th Rizal Taib
10th Ding Heng

Brisbane February 2017 Competition

Seven players turned up to compete in what was supposed to be a 37 Degree furnace, to be pleasantly surprised, it was only 36.
We decided to play a round robin with the top 4 going into semis and a final.
The first round saw last month’s finalists Rik and Gus  go head to head in a drab 0-0 draw, neither keeper  really called into action. Giuseppe fresh back from Sydney took on his nemesis Andy Ridgen, and Andy finished the better winning 3-1. The other game was a victory to Gareth 2-0 over our youngest member James .
Round 2 saw our Sydney FISTF warriors Rik and Giuseppe (Pino) go head to head with Rik emerging victorious 2-1. Derek the Seagull beat James 3-0 and an interesting encounter between Gareth and Gus, where Gareth parked the bus for literally ¾ of the game before conceding a goal and then losing 3-0, Gus was relieved.
Round 3 saw a very tough match between a solid Rik and a pumped Andy end 1-1 with Andy taking the lead. Giuseppe very surprisingly lost 1-0 to Gareth who introduced a very interesting victory dance to all. Derek gave Gus a tough time, and again last month’s champion had to be very patient before breaking through to eventually win 2-0. Derek’s play is certainly improving fast.
Round 4 went in order of the favourites, Andy beating a spirited James 4-2, Rik took apart Gareth who wanted to see Rik at his best, he got what he asked for. Giuseppe beat Derek but only a goal to nil.
Round 5 ended with a 5-1 win to Andy over Gareth, James lost to his Dad 3-0 but got some great tips along the way (which went in one ear and out the other, who listens to Dad ?) and Rik saw off Derek 3-1
Round 6 had a couple of hard fought games. Gareth beating the Seagulls of Derek 3-1 which would eventually see him make the semis, and a great game between the two Sunshine Coasters Andy and Gus finish 1-0 to Gus after a very swift and deadly finish. Giuseppe beat James 4-0 who by this stage wanted to eat his own arm (those of you with boys will appreciate this).
The last round finished with Andy securing 3rd spot beating Derek 3-0, Rik rested some of his best players and beat James 3-2 whilst the crunch match of Giuseppe and Gus saw Gus win 2-0 finishing the league top with no goals conceded and condemning Giuseppe to 5th place, the first time ever not to make the semis. Unfortunately, Gareth who finished 4th had to go home so Gus got  a bye to the final.
The Semi.
Rik vs Andy. Andy was pumped, this was going to be his day, Rik is Australia’s #2 Brisbane’s new #1 – he was not going to be defeated. A very fast and tough game ensued, Andy had been composed all day, sweeping all but Gus to victory or a draw with his new found calm efficiency. Game plan out the window, Andy was going too hard, and found himself  2-0 down. He did however mange a blazing goal back, to go into half time 2-1.  Andy’s half time cup of tea failed to calm him down and his over eagerness to get back cost him dearly as the lethal Rik fired 3 well flicked goals past him to end the game 5-1.
The Final. Gus had not conceded a goal all day, but the only opponent he failed to beat was Rik. Rik also had not lost a game all day, so it was a fitting match up for the final. The first half saw few chances as the two players locked horns and were desperate not to give anything away. However just before the whistle of half time, Gus gave away a ‘back’ which the referee adjudged to be in the shooting area giving Rik a great opportunity which he did not waste. 40 seconds later it was half time. As much as Gus huffed and puffed Rik had the answer, and more.  Rik piling on so much pressure that Gus gave another ‘ back’  to Rik in the shooting area, which the “Narangba Assassin “ despatched with aplomb to make it 2-0. Gus then went all out in desperation to claw himself back into the game, however, there was only to be one winner, Rik found his way through and dealt the killer blow 3-0. So Gus’s chance of the treble ended at the hands of Rik, who is a worthy champion, not only with his skill and cunning, but the great sportsmanlke way he plays the game.
Another great competition with great games and great goals shared amongst friends. We can’t wait for the next one in March.

(Report by Brisbane SC)

Friday, 10 February 2017

Danish Dynamite in Hamburg

Subbuteo St. Pauli held their very first WASPA-Tournament, the SuSP-Cup, on Saturday the 14th January at their venue “Fanladen” under the grandstand of the Millerntorstadion, home of the 2. Bundesliga-team and former Bayern München-conqueror FC St. Pauli.
With some guests from Berlin and Odense/DK 16 players were taking part. With Daria from Berlin and our Sarah we had 2 Ladys amongst them, who played each other twice during the tournament.
We started with a group-stage of 4 groups.
In the killer-group A in the last match when Thomas had the lead against Marcus, it seemed that Jens and Thomas will be both in the winners knockout by 2-2 goals and 6 points and Marcus will only get to the consolation knockout by 1-1 goals and also 6 points,……….but with only 15 seconds on the clock, Marcus surprisingly did the no longer expected equalizer and so Thomas was out.
In the other 3 groups the danish favourites Kristian, Jesper and Anders won their 3 matches and reached the winners knockout easily.
In group B Sven won much easier as expected against his greatest club rival Marius. In group C young Nico ended very close in front of Daria. In group D the deciding match was Klaus vs. Olli. Klaus was the superior player, who had  such a lot of big chances, which he did not capitalize. So in the end Olli used his only shot for the lucky win.
In the consolidation knockout Thomas had an easy way to 9th place. Philip got an unexpected win against his club mate Marius. Most of the matches were decided by shootout. Daria lost her first 2 matches by shots, but in the end she turned the tables and won her last match against Sarah by shots.
In the quarterfinal of the winners round favourite Marcus needed extratime to beat underdog Olli. In the halffinal the danish players both won against their german opponents, whereat Anders needed extratime and shootout to beat Jens.
In the danish final Anders deafeted Jesper 2-0.
After the end of the tournament Subbuteo St. Pauli and Sparta Spreeathen did a friendly teammatch. After the draw it looked like that match will be a 2-2 draw. And so it comes, because Wilfried won against Marcos and Jens won against Olli for Spreeathen and the 2 St. Pauli winnings were done by Marius, who won against Nico and how it was expected by everyone the second win for St. Pauli was done by Sven, who destroyed Daria……nooooo! What happened in this match was a kind of a nightmare for Sven. Sven had not a good start in this match against Daria, who definitely played here absolutely best match on this day and every time Sven tried to fight back, Daria made some awesome flicks, which breaked his neck. In the end Sven was lucky that it was only a 0-0, but this made Daria the matchwinner for Sparta Spreeathen.
Subbuteo St. Pauli and hopefully their guests too were very satisfied with their first tournament, which had a lot of exciting and funny Subbuteo-action in a friendly atmosphere with some new players and a lot of friends from the good old times. For some of the St. Pauli and Berlin players it all ends with a nice extratime in a turkish restaurant.

(Report by Sven Schilling)

Final standings:
1. Anders Buhl Hansen (Lega Liga Odense/DK)
2. Jesper Staal Nielsen (Lega Liga Odense/DK)
3. Marcus Tilgner (Sparta Spreeathen)
4. Jens „the Legend“ Röttjer (Sparta Spreeathen)
5. Kristian Staal Nielsen (Lega Liga Odense/DK)
6. Sven Schilling (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
7. Nico Pretzel (Sparta Spreeathen)
8. Olli Jescho (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
9. Thomas Petersen (Lega Liga Odense/DK)
10. Philip Hansen (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
11. Klaus Fritz (Sparta Spreeathen)
12. Wilfried Pretzel (Sparta Spreathen)
13. Marius Willhaus (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
14. Marcos Perianes (Subbuteo St. Pauli)
15. Daria Prazynski (Sparta Spreeathen)
16. Sarah Friedrichsen (Subbuteo St. Pauli)